About Me and This Page

Hello world! Hello beyond as well, I suppose. That would be flattering. My name is Destiny Rose Murphy. I'm 19 years old and currently living in New York City, where I just moved. I've just started my first adult job at the law firm Quinn Emanuel where (so far) I work in complex securities litigation and criminal defense. Earlier this year I graduated from Yale Law School, which I transferred to from Georgetown Law after my 1L year. For my undergraduate degree I majored in English, Political Science, and Philosophy, and I minored in Public Policy and International Affairs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

It's so strange and wonderful to be finally out of school! I've been heading towards this moment in my life, where I just /am/ a lawyer, for virtually my whole life, but it has taken near-constant striving to get here; and now I'm just here. I passed the bar and my application for admission to practice in New York has been accepted. I get handed work assignments that are interesting, and I do them. I go to brunch on weekends and snuggle with my cat in the evenings and fiddle with decorating my apartment constantly. Friends and family come to visit, and life is easy in a way it has never been before. There are still important professional and financial goals that I have: I need to pay off the debt I accrued getting here, and I need to build up some savings, and I'd like to work on getting something published while I'm at Quinn. Bu all of those goals feel eminently if not obviously achievable, and there are also non-professional goals that my life suddenly seems to have space for, like upping my strength in the gym, getting better at skiing, and taking another vacation. All in all, I am immensely pleased and content with where I am right now, and it's magical.

This blog began because I got my tonsils taken out. During recovery I realized there wasn't a lot of good advice to be found online for people who wanted to recover quickly and strongly. So, I decided to write an article intended to help others out. Then, (partially because sometimes when I can't sleep I write about things, and partially because I wanted to learn more about coding), I decided to expand the blog to everything else I think about. I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that I like to write, and, please, reach out if you have any questions or comments.


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