About Me and This Page

Hello world! Hello beyond as well, I suppose. That would be flattering. My name is Destiny Rose Murphy. I'm 19 years old, female, and currently living in New Haven, Connecticut, where I'm almost done with the spring semester of my 2L year at Yale Law. Last year I finished my 1L year at Georgetown Law (sorta—I did the second half of the school year away from the city, because, ya know, plague), and for my undergraduate degree I majored in English, Political Science, and Philosophy, and minored in Public Policy and International Affairs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

During 1L I really enjoyed Georgetown's Curriculum B program, which combines the traditional first year classes with a philosophical look at the basic biases and underpinnings of the law. Last summer I worked (remotely) for Georgetown's Annual Review of Federal Criminal Procedure, as well as for the Council for Court Excellence, a DC non-profit that does justice system reform work. I sure do miss the open city and the ability to sit in crowded cafes and artsy house parties, but I'm safe and healthy, so it feels selfish to complain. This upcoming summer I'll be working at Quinn Emanuel, a firm in NYC, and I'm really looking forward to getting to be and at least remotely work within the city.

I've been loving my Yale Law classes. It's difficult to make a friend group out of Zoom school of law, but the professors are incredible, and—much to my delight—the institutional culture of "make your intellectual project happen" really resonates everywhere. I'm reading more than I thought humanly possible, and I feel like I'm really laying the foundation for my entire career. Hopefully the world will become safe again soon, and I can make a foundation for a social life, too.

This blog began because I got my tonsils taken out. During recovery I realized there wasn't a lot of good advice to be found online for people who wanted to recover quickly and strongly. So, I decided to write an article intended to help others out. Then, (partially because sometimes when I can't sleep I write about things, and partially because I wanted to learn more about coding), I decided to expand the blog to everything else I think about. I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that I like to write, and, please, reach out if you have any questions or comments.


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