The LSAT Unlocked 2018-2019: Comprehensive Prep With Real PrepTest Questions


I definitely learned a lot from this book. The sketch-building instructions for the logic games section were especially useful, and the statistics provided on the frequency of various question types were helpful both to my studying and my psyche. However, I do not think I would recommend this book to many LSAT studiers, and I am already considering other study materials.

The KAPLAN book is very obviously not written for students who want a perfect, or at least perfect-adjacent, score. This book is written for people for whom skipping questions is not only acceptable, but a given, as is evident from the incredible amount of time and attention given to breaking down each LSAT section so that the easier questions may be attacked first. While I understand that not everyone is shooting for the 170’s, the overwhelming feeling this book gave me was that I need not push myself to be better; I need not strive for perfection, but merely focus on damage control. Regardless of one’s target score, professional study materials should inspire readers towards greatness, not encourage them to spend their energy on mediocrity. I would recommend this book only to someone who merely wanted to get into any law school, not to anyone who wanted to be very proud of their LSAT score.