Gente-fication: The Changing Face of Urban Development

For the Tower Center

For the first time in my writing career I am not really satisfied with the way a piece turned out.

I was originally excited to write this piece. I had been sent to an event, per usual, but contrary to the norm I had actually found myself enjoying the proceedings. I came back from the luncheon ready to write a summary that would capture the passion present in much of the audience and panel. Unfortunately, my boss was less excited about my write-up. She wanted a more academic, less passionate and stylistic piece. After several rounds of edits the publication below was chosen as the final product. Almost all of the passion from the original is gone, but a great many more facts are present; I don’t know that the facts add as much as the lack of emotion subtracts. I’ve posted the original version for comparison.

Gente-fication: The Changing Face of Urban Development - Published Version

Unedited Version of “Gente-fication” Article