Wallpaper is Expensive; Make Your Own

In my first apartment in New York City I lived in a cute little hisotorical building from the late 1800’s. My bedroom had half-brick walls, half white walls, and a very funky shape. In planning my decorations, I fell in love with a William & Morris wallpaper called The Brook, which I thought would make the space cozy and cottage-like.

(room) (wallpaper)

But, I couldn’t afford the wallpaper. Even though half the room was brick, it still would have been thousands of dollars to even buy enough wallpaper, not to mention the cost of installation. So, I set out to make my own version of the wallpaper.

Step One: Pick a Stencil

Step Two: Pick Your Colors

Step Three: Test Them Out

Step Four: Base Coat Paint

Step Five: Stencil It!