100 (+1 for good luck) Goals, Take Two

About three years ago I performed this goals-setting activity in the place of New Years Resolution’s, and then I pretty promptly forgot about it. Late last year an interviewer stumbled across my list, and he brought it up in my interview by pointing out that I was interviewing for a position I’d identified that I wanted years previously. His mentioning of my post got me thinking about how these goals really still represent a lot of things I want to do, but they could use an update. So, to celebrate graduating law school (a very old goal) and converting to Judaism (a relatively new goal) I decided to update my list! Below are my goals as I view them as a brand new lawyer and Jew.

This list is different from my original one in a few important ways: First, I no longer count “Checked Off” goals in my list of 100. I did that initially because identifying 100 goals felt impossible. Now—three years outside of the abusive relationship with my biological mother, and immensely more confident in and happy with who I am as a person—100 goals is something I know I can aspire to without needing to count things I’ve already done. Second, I’ve created a space for continuous goals that are not intended to be checked off at any point. Finally, I now have a section of goals that I removed from my previous list (also not counted in the 100). I think these goals are important to keep visible, both because some of them represent things I used to want that I no longer want, and because some of them are things I failed to achieve during the time period I could have achieved them. Thus, they all represent areas of growth and learning in my life that I have no intention of forgetting.

Checked Off

  1. Get into college
  2. Get into Kobylka's SCOTUS research class
  3. Study abroad in Oxford
  4. Graduate undergrad with honors
  5. Get into a T14 law school
  6. Get some nice photos taken, just for me
  7. End abusive relationship with Brooke
  8. -----This marks the end of things I had achieved in the last goals post
  9. Transfer to a better law school
  10. Own a fitted suit I'm confident in
  11. Properly ask a girl on a date
  12. Play a fun DnD campaign beginning to end
  13. See John Mulaney perform again
  14. Ski again
  15. Get a tailored coat that I love
  16. Formalize Lori's position as my mom
  17. Visit Israel and Palestine to learn
  18. Graduate Yale Law School
  19. Convert to Judaism
  20. Learn how to make a few good cocktails

To Do

Continuous Goals

  1. Have a close knit network of friends I can rely on, who all rely on me
  2. Travel consistently through adult life: like once a year at least!
  3. Live an intentionally Jewish life
  4. Remain un-addicted to caffeine
  5. Be able to consistently touch my toes without pain
  6. Play more video games with good stories
  7. Keep a low sugar intake day to day
  8. Have a plant-heavy diet that isn't gross
  9. Walk and bike more than I drive
  10. Maintain a healthy, strong weight
  11. Have nice nails consistently
  12. Perfect more recipes


  1. Pass the New York bar on the first try
  2. Do a legal fellowship
  3. Get a (short) PhD at a European university
  4. Publish my first law review article
  5. Become a law professor at a university I like
  6. Write and publish a law review article that becomes widely respected and read among criminal justice academics and students
  7. Be a really good professor—the kind students love to take classes from
  8. Head a sentencing reform project
  9. Be so influential in my legal field that I get taught in introductory and undergraduate courses
  10. Be so influential in my legal field that I get tapped by the government for reform projects
  11. Help to make the criminal justice system more just


  1. Be a person who semi-regularly keeps Shabbat
  2. Learn to make a challah I really love
  3. Be able to confidently sing Kiddush
  4. Host a great, multi-course Shabbat dinner
  5. Host a fantastic, raucous Passover Seder
  6. Find a synagogue I love in NYC
  7. Find a consistent way to be participating in Jewish study

Creating and Learning

  1. Go to a poetry workshop
  2. Get a poem published in a proper journal
  3. Learn to bake a good berry pie
  4. Learn how to consistently perfectly cook a steak
  5. Learn to bridge shuffle cards
  6. Learn to sculpt/make ceramics
  7. Learn basic sewing
  8. Learn basic furniture restoration/alteration
  9. Make a crossword puzzle and submit it to the New York Times for publication


  1. Get a skiing lesson
  2. Become a black diamond skier
  3. Visit Japan for an extended period of time
  4. Visit China for an extended period of time
  5. Visit Germany
  6. Visit Greece for an extended period of time with my friends
  7. Go back to England for an extended holiday
  8. Go to Disney's Star Wars world
  9. See the Great Pyramids
  10. See the Northern or Southern Lights
  11. Participate in the Holi festival in India
  12. Participate in the Day of the Dead in Mexico
  13. Participate in Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  14. Participate in Carnival in Brazil
  15. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  16. Participate in Octoberfest in Germany
  17. Snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef
  18. Have tea made with the water that fed the tea plants somewhere abroad
  19. Have high tea in more places


  1. Get married
  2. Have a non-regular, un-stressful wedding
  3. Adopt a kid with my supportive partner
  4. See another production at The Globe
  5. See all of Shakespeare's plays performed
  6. Get rid of all my student loan debt
  7. Have enough money to retire comfortably when/if I choose to do so
  8. Be able to do 50 push-ups consecutively
  9. Be able to squat two plates for 10 reps
  10. Be able to bench one plate for 10 reps
  11. Get better at sketching flowers
  12. Eat at a three star Michelin star restaurant
  13. Eat real wagyu beef
  14. Take a martial arts class
  15. Earn triple F badge
  16. Find a local place to consistently swing dance
  17. Find a local place to consistently Latin dance
  18. Throw nice dinners/get-togethers as an adult
  19. Be the kind of person who has a go-to cobbler and a tailor
  20. Be able to jog a block without being winded
  21. Try peyote or another (safe) hallucinogenic drug
  22. Get a full body scrub
  23. Ride a horse not on a trail
  24. Learn how to parse through basic (elementary school level) Hebrew
  25. Have a home that friends are always coming over to


  1. Display an extensive tea collection prominently in home
  2. Own soft, fitted leather gloves
  3. Buy a second fitted suit that I love
  4. Own a hairless cat
  5. Own a dog
  6. Fully furnish and decorate my home with furnishings I love
  7. Own all stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans
  8. Have a home and office full of plants
  9. Have a tailored wardrobe that I love
  10. Have a windowsill garden
  11. Grow a plant from tiny to giant
  12. Keep fresh flowers in my home
  13. Have matching jewelry that I'm confident wearing
  14. Own a few beautiful (commissioned?) art pieces
  15. Have a garden/greenhouse area I can sit in and read/write
  16. Have a local or personal sauna I can relax in
  17. Own a tea shop in later life
  18. Legally own an ethically procured narwhal horn

Removed Goals

  1. Get on Law Review
  2. -YLJ had an anti-transfer policy when I transferred, which I helped to change!
  3. Write and publish a respectable student note while on law review
  4. Graduate law school in the top 10% of my class
  5. -YLS doesn't rank students
  6. Clerk at an appellate court
  7. -I realized clerking wasn't as necessary as I had thought for my career path
  8. Be a Supreme Court clerk
  9. Become a Supreme Court Justice
  10. -I fell out of love with SCOTUS as I came to understand how political it really is
  11. Learn more about coding
  12. -With less social support for this goal, it felt less important, and less doable
  13. Get a short story published
  14. -I've moved away from short story writing in my day to day
  15. Never stop learning throughout life (i.e. don't become a useless old person)
  16. -I took these two "never" goals out because a negative goal isn't something I want to work towards; I want to work towards positives!
  17. Never dye hair
  18. Read all of Stephen King's works
  19. -I don't actually like Stephen King this much. Why did I put this initially?
  20. Make my own boba at home instead of buying out all the time
  21. -Now, I just aspire to have enough money that I don't have to feel weird about how much I spend on boba!
  22. Be an eco-conscious person
  23. -What does this even mean? Totally unachievable goal, too vague.
  24. Be passable in a couple romance languages (Spanish and French?)
  25. -This goal was a stretch when I wrote it, and no longer really interests me