2019 in Review


  • Positives: Ski trip, getting new black Converse, getting into Cornell Law, Katie’s story telling event, DCS dinner at Halcyon, watching Existenz with friends

  • Negatives: Relationship bumps, RA training, first two Human Rights classes


  • Positives: Making dumplings, Katie’s play, Valentine’s dinner and show, creative computing, brunch w/Trigg’s family, Lego movie sequel

  • Negatives: Having to plan all of Valentine’s day, libertarian reading group summit, stressful fondue dinner


  • Positives: SMU’s As You Like It, hanging with off-campus friend, getting nails done, painting llama, Captain Marvel, free pie at arboretum, visiting Georgetown Law, DCS new student event

  • Negatives: Professor stood me up for conference, health consequences of hanging with off-campus friend, being late to painting llama, toleration colloquim


  • Positives: LGBT panel, got tea sticker, rooftop yoga and brunch at HG, taking grad pics, creative computing showcase, Cidercade, dinner and Hamilton show, Avengers Endgame and Pitchford Party, seeing Aunt Colleen, LGBT panel, long last poetry class

  • Negatives: Hamilton scholar’s reception, visiting Cornell Law, RA end of year event


  • Positives: Scarborough Faire w/friends and high score on marble maze, making a pug out of melty beads, creative comp final critique, boba event for residents, final poetry conference, Pitchford party, white tea class, DCS final tour, getting graduation nails, English and Philosophy degree ceremonies, hanging out w/Lori around Bishop Arts, mustang bread present, Scarborough Faire w/dad, Dior exhibit w/Raphi

  • Negatives: Stressful delivering flowers and picking up boba, tons of RA work, stressful graduation party, scuffing up car door, stressful ending abusive relationship, well-woman


  • Positives: Green tea class, lindy hop classes, The Play that Goes Wrong, black light arcade, Shakespeare in the Bar, Aladdin, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Portland rose garden tour, tea chai the, getting to see Jill and JD

  • Negatives: Going to open mic, nerves around keeping Sadie in apartment, Chinese tea garden with weird WDS guy, not fittin in at WDS


  • Positives: Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Utah Shakespeare Festival (Hamlet, Twelfth Night especially), Tyrolean traverse, getting to see Gearbox, DnD, drag king show, Monet exhibit

  • Negatives: Getting shots for GULC, Xian stress at Shakespeare Festival, climbing trip scheduling stress, dissapointing birthday, stress of finding housing, packing, moving


  • Positives: Unpacking and decorating, playing Magic, video-playing MTG, RISE Civ Pro class, getting good locker

  • Negatives: Stop on way to DC, stress surrounding move in, non-class parts of RISE, waiting for school to start


  • Positives: Trivia w/Ryan, first week of classes, showing Lori around, Dante and Shannon visiting

  • Negatives: Lots of relationship stress, phone breaking, realizing law school isn’t want I expected, interprative dance version of The Tempest


  • Positives: Doing well in class, Kahler v. Kansas moot, Henry IV Part 1, started PT, dad visiting, Theo’s Halloween party, hilariously bad first date

  • Negatives: Midterm prep stress, relationship stress and end, flu shot clinics not working


  • Positives: Couple of good dates, Dropout DnD shows, Tamar’s engagement party, doing well in class, watching Legally Blonde w/friends, making washi tape art good BEL midterm grade, relaxing Thanksgiving break, showing Evan around GULC

  • Negatives: Gas oven problem, legal writing exam, finals advancing stress, boring/bad dates


  • Positives: Free s’mores on campus, got Barrister’s Ball ticket, exams going ok, puppies on campus, catching up with poet, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, playing Talisman, hanging with friends, Rocky Horror

  • Negatives: Some family stress, being single during holidays, having to apply to jobs over break



  • Classes I enjoyed were the biggest positive this year, both in my last semester of undergrad and my first semester of law school. More evidence I should become an academic?
  • Got really into decorating and interior design this year, now that I have my own space. Would be good to continue that in the future.
  • Shows stayed some of my most frequent positives this year, but I saw a lot fewer movies during this first semester at Georgetown. Need to get a movie-crew together, or remember to go alone to see movies when they come out.


  • Relationship stress was the biggest negative this year. Not really sure how to avoid that, other than not getting another abusive parent or dying long term relationship?
  • Poorly planned trips were another negative this year, though I think that was largely related to relationship stuff. However, confirming details with whomever is planning for the day may be worth adding to a checklist